Equine Services

Dr. Belles definately loves horses!  She currently owns four, and provides veterinary care to hundreds of area equines throughout the year.  The busiest time is spring and summer when she can usually be found caring for a newborn foal or ultrasounding a mare. 

Even though the facility of West Plains Animal Hospital cannot support hospitalization of horses, Dr. Belles makes farm calls and refers patients to area Equine Hospitals when intensive care is required.  She does her best to be available for all emergencies, but sometimes there are several urgent cases at the same time and she might refer a patient to another local Veterinarian when immediate care is needed. 

Dr. Belles has a portable ultrasound for full reproductive evaluation of mares.  She is experienced in Artificial Insemination of cooled semen, treating and managing mares with low fertility,  and mangement of breeding stallions. 

Other services include vaccinations, basic dental care, castration of weanlings and yearlings, management of senior horses including nutritional consultations, lameness evaluations, pre-purchase exams, health certificates (including International) and Coggins testing.

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